Sandra Bernhard Rips Into Andy Cohen, Her Bravo Boss

Sandra Bernhard (Getty Images)

“I was high when I got dressed!,” joked Sandra Bernhard at Julie Klausner’s “How Was Your Week Live” comedy showcase. The show featured a number of entertainers expounding on topics of their choice—including Ira Glass on his favorite snacks. But Ms. Bernhard chose to munch upon the hand that was feeding her: Bravo’s late-night Watch What Happens Live, where she is a regular contributor.

The host of the recurring “Sandrology” segment joked that she hoped to take over Watch What Happens in a coup (she almost did that to Larry Sanders once!). “God knows that network could use a hostile takeover.” She adopted a highfaluting, arch tone. “Bravo, the network for the arts. What the fuck happened? We needed a franchise just for these Housewives? It’s like hell, and torture!”

She recently met Mary J. Blige at a taping of the Andy Cohen talk show. “He’s dipping into actually talented people—thank God.” How’d it go, Sandra? “Mary J. Blige doesn’t like white people. Why the fuck should she? We’re the most racist country in the world.”

Representatives from Bravo “LOL”-ed us a “no comment.”

Sandra Bernhard Rips Into Andy Cohen, Her Bravo Boss