Startup Threads Wants To Be Your Friend

Making threads. For your startup. (

WEAVE. Startup Threads, a merchandising site for startups from local newletter mogul and startup founder Frank Denbow, just launched a new monthly program where consumers can subscribe to receive new startup gear each month. The company will partner with a different startup each month to create interesting merchandise. Right now that lucky startup is Hipmunk, the company behind the new flight finding tool. Startup Threads hopes to become a “marketing channel for startups.”

ALL ABOARD. StartupBus is now accepting applications for the hackathon-on-a-bus competition in March and this year New York will be represented. To get invited you’ve got to shine like the brightest star in the sky… or look on social media to see if people are offering invites. StartupBus said they are expecting way more applications than they can handle. You’ve been warned.

POINT AND SHOOT. Pixable just passed the million download mark. The program is a new way to view photos on the internet “based on an evolving algorithm that prioritizes the photos that matter most to you.”

DOCTOR DOCTOR.  ZocDoc, a free service that makes it easy for patients to find nearby doctors who accept their insurance and instantly book appointments, online just went live in San Diego. The service is also up and running in New York, D.C., Chicago, Miami and other major cities.

LEARN. Get your free application in before Feb. 4 for the Founder Institute’s Spring 2012 program. Gabe Zichermann, resident game mechanics expert for Ultralight Startups, runs the show.

THE FUTURE.  TEDxBigApple is hosting an event themed around “Disruptive Ideas.” They’ll cover the near-term (three to five years) “impact in housing, biotech, local spaces, biomimicry, fashion, business.” The focus will be on “ideas that are likely to change the world.” in the near-term (~3-5 years) instead of those whose  Tickets are $100.

EAT. Gary Whitehill of Entrepreneur Week is hosting Rockin Out For Breakfast 4, a networking event at Wichcraft for $25. Breakfast included.

HEY LADIES! Astia, which focuses on women-led, high-growth ventures is looking for applicants by Feb. 4. Applicants will be “screened”  at the “convenience of the CEO.” The bootcamp is in Cambridge, UK in March but U.S. bootcamps may take place in New York or San Francisco “as needed.”

HIRING. Sense Networks is looking for a software engineer to work with cutting edge, “big data” and “NoSQL” technologies. OkCupid is in need of a product designer. “You’ll be involved in every step of the development process.” Artiscle, Boxee and Rent the Runway are looking for interns.

QUITTING. The American Cancer Society of New York and New Jersey is introducing QuitBuddy, which will nag you, via text, to quit smoking. Text “Quit” to 22723 to receive tips and “messages of encouragement and support.”