Sukkot to Me! Trump Place Terrace Turned Into Sukkah, Springs Leak and Lawsuit

Looks safe to us.

“I’m literally just a Jewish person living in New York City, but I guess my neighbor doesn’t like that.”

Although he’s pulling the race card, The Observer can’t help but sympathize with Zev Geller, who is being sued for $500,000 for constructing a “fire hazard” on the terrace of his Trump Place condo, according to the Post.

And by “fire hazard” we are referring to his 20-foot sukkah, a religious structure that serves more of a symbolic purpose than a practical one, at least, not since Israel’s last harvest season or the Exodus from Egypt. Observant Jews will camp out in their sukkahs during the holiday of Sukkot. Hip ones build designer baubles in Union Square.

Although Geller has hinted that the disgruntled couple slapping him with the suit could be Anti-Semites, Thomas Tagliani and Leslie Lucas claim that the matter has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with safety: They are worried that the straw sukkot will transform into the burning bush.