The N.Y.P.D. Covertly Went Whitewater Rafting to Track Muslim Students

Did they wear floaties?

whitewaterraftingwee The N.Y.P.D. Covertly Went Whitewater Rafting to Track Muslim Students

Not the NYPD or Muslim students. (flickr/fortherock)

The N.Y.P.D.’s monitoring of Muslim students not only extended far beyond New York, the department even sent an intrepid undercover operative on a whitewater rafting trip just to gather intelligence. The Associated Press reports the N.Y.P.D. tracked and monitored Muslim students at various universities, including Yale. The intelligence efforts also extended to the Web:

Detectives trawled Muslim student websites every day and, although professors and students hadn’t been accused of wrongdoing, their names were recorded in reports prepared for Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly.

N.Y.P.D. spokesman Paul Browne explained the measures by pointing out to the A.P. that at least 12 people who have been picked up on terrorism charges were at one time in Muslim student associations. It was unclear how many were also whitewater rafting devotees.

[CBS News/AP]


  1. Constance says:

    This is what our money is spent on … while mothers have to hold bake sales to buy paper for their kids’ school copy machines.

    What a disgrace and what a waste. 

  2. Raven Dohuky says:

    Whatever happened to privacy? ? Freedom? ??

  3. Anonymous says:

    Its going to get worse.  Afghanistan is lost.  Nobody has ever won in Afghanistan.  Syria has Russia & China backing off Obama from pulling a Libya with an undeclared “NATO” war.  Al Quada and Iran,( Sunni & Shia), hate unto death, except in Syria.  The smart way would be for Obama to let them kill each other as they have been for hundreds of years.  We wouldn’t be in this mess today if Reagan had said, “Let the Soviets stay and fight a slow war that will drain them as Viet Nam drained us.  History is the best teacher to avoid mistakes of the past”  Doctor Ron Paul is saying that now.  He votes for the Constitution.  Obama signed away the Bill of  Rights.  That’s something Cheney probably wish he would have thought of.  Lets hope for a brokered Republican convention so that the delegates, when released, can come to the common sense that Ron Paul is the only person that can get us out of this mess.  Ron Paul can pull it off if he can get Rick  Santorum to be VP.  They share the same thoughts on home schooling and the concept of the Constitution giving the Federal Government limited authority.  They differ in concept of security in maintaining all overseas military bases.  It could work out well as Rick waits for Ron to finish his four or eight year term, or shorter.    

  4. An American says:

    I applaud the inventiveness and tenacity of the NYPD in monitoring potential terrorist activity and membership. What many people forget is that we are at war and it is very unconventional in the sense that we aren’t fighting a particular country or empire but we are at war with a terrorist philosophy. In order to be effective, we have to go undercover and monitor activities  at  the sites where that activity can flourish – one of those places in at our universities. 
    This isn’t new by any means – NAZI fundamentalist and pro-communist rally’s  were very popular at many of our universities – particularly the liberal art schools. If you think that our law enforcement agencies didn’t try to infiltrate those activities then you are fooling yourselves. 
    We should be proud of the NYPD and our other law enforcement groups that have been monitoring and cataloging potential terrorists. 

    1. Anonymous says:

      These extra security measures are necessary to avoid the mistake of rounding up all Japanese Americans at the start of World War II  You have to look at the history of American policy
      as relating to events after WWII and demise of the Soviet empire. 
      That’s what Dr Ron Paul relates to in staying to the Constitution in
      declaration of wars to defend America from attack.  Unconstitutional
      national policy brought us to this stage of bankruptcy.  Paul and
      Santorum represent States rights over Federal dictates.  They will offer
      a viable choice for voters.  If the Republicans choose Obama
      look-a-like’s  we may as well pull all the local and state levers in the
      voting booth and ignore the Presidential lever.