Update: There’s a Pony in There Somewhere: Buzzfeed Gets a Miniature Horse for Valentine’s Day

Buzzfeed's latest hire, Mystic (Jamie Urso)

In their latest effort to make the rest of the world feel jealous for not working for Jonah Peretti, Buzzfeed introduced a new friend to the office this morning: Mystic the miniature horse.

Politics reporter Zeke Miller was one of the first to tweet out the Valentine’s Day surprise from Buzzfeed’s HQ:

Smart move on new EIC Ben Smith‘s part, as a small horse is apparently a great way to motivate employees to come to work:

As of the time of this writing, Mystic has apparently already left the building. And while The New York Observer would never stoop to such obvious ploys for attention as broadcasting photos a live animal in our offices, let’s just say that Kaplan the Unicorn remains the best reason to come to work everyday.

Update: According to an email from Managing Editor Scott Lamb, the horsie was a gift from president Jon Steinberg for passing over 25 million unique views in December.