Thought Catalog Finally Gets The Parody Twitter It Deserves: Thinking Catalog

tclog Thought Catalog Finally Gets The Parody Twitter It Deserves: Thinking CatalogThought Catalog is a self-important blog that ostensibly allows young writers to indulge themselves but is actually the inadvertent and hilarious “slut-shaming” of forthcoming MFA aspirants’ bad writing that they’ll no doubt want erased from the internet by the time they decide they need to get rejected from Iowa to move on with their lives. But, as demonstrated, irrational hatred of a website can only take one so far. The true sign of a becoming a success—insofar as Thought Catalog’s can be considered such—is a parody Twitter. Which they now have.

Please familiarize yourself with @ThinkingCatalog, the blog’s first parody, which is—surprisingly—quite funny. A telling sign: You don’t even need to be a Thought Catalog “reader” to “get” the humor of it, a series of imagined headlines concerning unbearably stupid naval-gazing ideas, an extreme variant of the Salon For 9th Graders ethos of Thought Catalog.

A sample of recent Thought Catalog headlines:

  • I Wish I Knew How To Quit You, Facebook
  • My Top 5 Favorite Reality Stars
  • On Banality And Sofia Coppola’s “Somewhere”
  • You Are Kissing The Wrong Mouth
  • In Love, We Are All Teenage Girls (No Offense To Teenage Girls)
  • Everything That I Know About Jupiter

A sample of recent Think Catalog headlines:

  • I’m Not Self-Absorbed, I’m Self-Aware
  • What is a “Real Job”, Exactly?
  • This American Apparel Life
  • The Next Great American Blog Post
  • Barely Friends With Drunk Benefits
  • Facebook in the Age of Facebook

For the record, ThinkingCatalog has been around for two days, and already has almost 700 followers. Granted, it’s nothing on Thought Catalog‘s 90,000 someodd masochists, but there’s always room to grow. It may not last long, however, seeing as how they’ve already gone through the looking glass of meta-humor, so enjoy it while it’s still here. | @weareyourfek


  1. AH says:

    I LOVE this new parody account. Thought Catalogue has never appealed to me and I would always have a LOL over the self-absorbed nature of the site, so I’m a huge fan of @ThinkingCatalogue. Especially this recent tweet “I’ll Sleep With Any Guy Who Has Kale In His Fridge”. #uhmayzing

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. “LOL”, “Enjoyable Irrational Hatred”

  4. if my life could be described in a single tag it would be “ENJOYABLE IRRATIONAL HATRED”

  5. today’s young people: 2012 edition