This is What Rooney Mara Smiling Looks Like

rooney mara kirkland 280 This is What Rooney Mara Smiling Looks Like

Rooney Mara, 2012.

90784123 This is What Rooney Mara Smiling Looks Like

Rooney Mara, 2009. (Getty Images)

On the occasion of a typically grim portrait snapped at the Oscar nominees’ luncheon, we decided to look into Ms. Mara’s pre-cyberpunk period–turns out she does know how to smile.

Or at least she did at the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival! Fun fact: the oldest result on a Getty Images search for the term “Rooney Mara” is a 1937 shot of her ancestors, the owners of two professional sports teams, comparing a race card. With that lineage, is it any wonder our Rooney wouldn’t eventually act out?


  1. charles says:

    I’ve seen her smile plenty, she just doesn’t freeze her face in a smile on red carpets. Search Getty Images again.

  2. robo says:

    this article is stupid. i find her to be refreshing and unlike the celebrities the media has become accustomed to fawning all over and then trashing in a blink of an eye. Rooney seems smart to me and aware of the media hounds who can’t figure out how to make her into someone she’s not.

  3. Guest says:

    What a stupid and incendiary article. Watch her Q&A at the very same Oscar luncheon where that portrait was taken and you’ll see her smiling up a storm. But even if she didn’t, who cares? It’s a misogynist notion that young actresses have to act in a certain smiley, grateful fashion lest they be called out in articles like this one, and it’s ridiculous.

  4. mary says:

    Why are people making such a big deal out of this? She’s smiling in every single event but for some reason bloggers only use pics of her not smiling and turn it into debate. I’m from Europe and here no one says anything about actors not smiling especially when you know they are all faking it.

  5. Roty56 says:

    This Is What Rooney Mara Smiling Looks Like (At The Same Event!)

  6. Lila says:

    She smiles a lot, just not in every picture, what’s the big deal?

  7. BiiaCX says:

    I love her because of that. She’s shy, she doesn’t have to force herself to smile every-single-time she’s on interviews or any type of show on TV/Internet. She’s just being herself, let the girl do what she wants. You don’t see that kind of criticism with male actors… There’s a bunch of actors that smile as often as she does (Sean Penn, Johnny Depp, even Daniel Craig…) … And they never get all this crap she’s getting.

    Rooney is an amazing actress, and you critics can say all you want, maybe it is like that (forcing yourself to smile and be happy 24/7  being part of being a movie star) but it DOESN’T HAVE to be like that. WE, the PUBLIC, love when the girl is being herself, and that’s what matters. Who cares about the “high society” people, who cares about “sucking it up” to the Oscar’s critics. I really hope that Mara NEVER changes because of your criticisms. Some of you just need to get sucked back in reality, and here, no one cares about those things.