To Do Saturday: (Con)Fusion Cuisine


What mixes better than sushi and Brazilian culture? Everything and everything else, you say? The official restaurant of “you left your Caps Lock on” emails, SUSHISAMBA, is about to put your skepticism to the test with a carnaval celebration. Guests shall feast upon things like “Copacabana crispy red snapper” and “carnaval roll,” which contains Brazil nuts and chimichurri, as salsa dancers whirl around them. Are we in Japan? Are we in Brazil? Are we in Alberto Fujimori’s Peru? Who knows! We’re just going with it! In a few days, it’ll be Ash Wednesday, so get as much fun in your heart and $35 fish plates in your maw before the annual reminder of your mortality.

SUSHISAMBA Park, 245 Park Avenue South. Information available at