To Do Thursday: Daily Operation

As you sit in your cab each morning, pulling out your iPad (kept safe from the elements with that black patent YSL cover) has become something of a compulsion. Who knows what could be happening out there? Naturally, you read The Daily, the tablet-only publication made with flush gadgeteers like yourself in mind. Tonight, celebrate the one-year anniversary of the nascent news app with a rip-roaring Western-inspired hoedown. Sadly, you don’t have any cowboy boots, so your old equestrian tall boots will suffice. Channeling your inner cowgirl, you’ll riding the mechanical bull ’til the cows come home (or, more likely, you finally succumb to the Jäger-induced wobbliness and are catapulted onto the grimy beer-soaked mat to promptly vomit). Yee-haw, the future of journalism!

The Daily One-Year Anniversary Party, Johnny Utah’s 25 West 51st Street, 7 to 11 p.m. Invitation only.