To Do Thursday: X-ed Out

While two concerts in as many nights isn’t your typical style (there’s usually at least one black-tie gala to serve as a buffer), you’ve decided to make an exception this evening. Ruff and tumble DMX is back in town after a trying couple years, and he simply may not be able to perform without your moral support. After prison, feuding with baby-mamas and some late-night cleaning sessions, DMX is ready to ryde again and you’ll be there front and center supporting the rehabbed rapper. With a new album in the works and a clean(ish) legal slate, Mr. X is staging a comeback, and you’ll be cheering the irreverent bad boy with high hopes and, hopefully, slightly dilated pupils, those sweet concert clouds billowing around you.

DMX: Returns to New York, SOB’s, 204 Varick Street, 9 p.m. Sold out.