To Do Wednesday: Guest of a Haden-Guest

Anthony Haden-Guest (Getty Images)

Heaven knows we’d be horrified if Public Storage seized and auctioned the contents of our storage locker—it’s precisely where we keep our incriminating photos and fat-day jeans! Anthony Haden-Guest, whose personal effects are at risk of being auctioned, is living through this nightmare—and he’s fighting back with a party-cum-variety show to pay his legal fees and prevent the sale of his art and papers. Guests are to include noted wine columnist Jay McInerney, newly re-emergent Whit Stillman and Vanity Fairscatologist George Wayne. We’ll be there, looking for good gossip to store up!

Hiro Ballroom at the Maritime Hotel, 88 Ninth Avenue, 7:30 p.m. to 12a.m. Tickets available at the door.