Tonight in DVR: BBC America Goes to Gotham

'Batman Returns'

Look, we don’t claim to understand how TV networks get the rights to movies–the Weather Channel’s movie series stymied us once and for all–but we will just note that BBC America, your go-to for classy Anglophile, is showing not The Queen, or whatever, but Batman Returns tonight. Perhaps the presence of the butler piqued the network’s interest? Anyway, this is one of the actual good Batman movies (we’ve never been a fan of Christopher Nolan’s “realism,” or the way people interpret reactionary conservatism as realism!). We’d rather watch Tim Burton’s cartoonish Grand Guignol and see Michelle Pfeiffer curling up kittenishly! We’ll put on a spot of tea–or have a Pimm’s Cup–so that our surroundings can be the most British thing about the program.

Set your DVR for BBC America at 9pm.