Tumblr Experts Say Tumblr-Ready Things About Tumblr At Social Media Week

Is Tumblr getting "the kids" off drugs and back to print?

According to Tumblr experts (look for a course in becoming one at your local DeVry soon), Tumblr is something like an unholy hybrid of Twitter and WordPress and quite possibly the future of humanity. Or, more seriously, the future of print.

We exaggerate–but there was a shiny, glittering feel to The Next Web’s report on last Friday’s “Let’s Get Ready to Tumblr: Building community by reimagining and redistributing your content.” The panel was part of Social Media Week and featured Tumblr notables from Buzzfeed, Flavorpill and The Atlantic. Read More


  1. Thisis says:

    The only reason why Tumblr took off was the re-blog button. That. Was. It. The button itself should have been expanded upon, like the “Pin It” browser plug-in. But it wasn’t. Instead, Rich Tong was hired to convince overweight luxury brands to hire social media managers and move their blogs to Tumblr for… no quantifiable reason. 

    So Pinterest emerges and everyone pisses their pants and wrings their hands over the next big thing. Ladies love it! And no one really talks about the fact that Pinterest is a lot like Tumblr without the preposterous editorial cum branding staff. And no one mentions how Tumblr finally released a Tumblr button for publishers, FOR PUBLISHERS, a mistake so wildly 1990s even Patch.com was like, “Really? Reeeallly?” 

    15 year old girls use Tumblr. They use it because they don’t create content, they curate (yes, there’s that fucking word again) content. And until Tumblr realizes they are a technology platform and not a publisher, they will lose ground steadily to the likes of Pinterest. Until then, good luck with that new editorial staff. 

    And me? I’m going to go pin a photo of a puppy now. 

  2. Anonymous says:

    Tumblr sucks. It’s like an old Myspace.  Nice concept but ultimately too much garbage.