Uruguay Gets a Biennial

montevideo Uruguay Gets a Biennial

Montevideo. (ana_ge/Flickr)

For a moment there it almost seemed like biennials and triennials were on the wane, with Tate canceling its 2012 triennial and a few months passing since we heard about the launch of a new one of those massive exhibitions.

But nevermind. The Art Newspaper reports that, come September, Uruguay will now be home to a biennial, the Biennale de Montevideo, which is timed to take place in the country’s capital city in conjuction with the long-running São Paulo Biennial. (Thank you to Artforum for directing us to the story.)

The Biennale de Montevideo, which is being curated by Alfons Hug, Paz Guevara and Patricia Bentancur, has a budget of $2 million and will feature 50 artists from five different continents. The topic of the exhibition is “the South.”