Waiting for Bruce: The Commercial Observer Tours Atlantic Yards Arena

Mr. Ratner said that the company had studied 16 arenas around the country, specifically Bankers Life Fieldhouse, formerly Conseco Fieldhouse, the home of the Indiana Pacers. The problem with most arenas, such as Madison Square Garden, according to Mr. Ratner is their elevation, which forces the flow of patrons all in one direction and creates congestion.

The court at the Barclays Center is below grade, so when fans enter from ground level, depending on where they sit, they will be split between heading either up or down to their seats.

“We broke up the flow of traffic,” Mr. Ratner said. “At a place like MSG, you have everybody heading up at the start of the game and then down at the end. It creates a jam and it’s confusing. You’re forced to kind of follow the crowd just to know where you’re going.”

Mr. Ratner also pointed out that games will be partially visible from the plaza in front of the arena.

“It’s going to be the only court in the league where you can literally watch the game from the street outside,” Mr. Ratner said, pointing out the arena’s embrace of the surrounding community.

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  1. Guest66 says:

    hey bruce, embrace this.

  2. Urban Guru says:

    Urban redevelopment is a complicated and messy process,anyone who believed that the project would ensue without difficulties and setbacks,know very little about the realities of what it takes  to implement and complete such a massive project as this one.  Moreover,the proponents and signatories to the CBA need  to read through its terms and conditions with a fine tooth comb,hopefully they will find something that could force the developers hand to make good on promise offered via the document