Walter Mosley Files For Hakeem Jeffries Assembly Seat

walter mosley1 Walter Mosley Files For Hakeem Jeffries Assembly Seat

Walter Mosley (Photo: Facebook)

District Leader Walter Mosley has formally filed for the race to replace Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries, setting up one of the more contentious Democratic primaries this cycle against his fellow District Leader Ola Alabi, who has already announced her campaign. Mr. Jeffries is in a contentious race of his own as he seeks to unseat veteran Congressman Ed Towns.

Mr. Mosley, who’s also a former Senate aide, was long thought to be interested in the seat. His newly registered committee will allow him to raise funds and place the tangible wheels in motion for an actual campaign.

A Brooklyn Democratic insider told The Politicker Mr. Jeffries is thought to be supportive of Mr. Mosley’s efforts while Ms. Alabi is seen as more closely aligned with Mr. Towns.


  1. AJBeckles says:

    Walter, a man without honor, is a man who will have a short road to travel. How could you be so disloyal  to Congressman Edolphus Towns, after all he has done for you and your mother.