Was Komen’s Planned Parenthood Pullout Because of Catholic Guilt or ObamaCare Politics?

Ladies are such a handful…am I right fellas? They are always complaining about their friends being mean, and it’s like, if Cynthia is so awful, why do you still hang out with her?

And then your girlfriend goes, “Oh, you just don’t understand.”

It’s the same with members of the nonprofit Planned Parenthood getting all upset because one of its biggest donors–the breast cancer foundation Susan G. Komen for the Cure–is cutting off their funding. (Since as everyone knows, Planned Parenthood is where teenagers go to get abortions and breast cancer.)

But why take away the money now after 6 years of donations, the last of which equaled $700k in grant funding?

It must be all the political pressure. See, everyone thinks that the world’s leading breast cancer foundation is cutting off Planned Parenthood (where they traditionally paid for preventative screenings) because the organization was under congressional investigation; with Democrats and Republicans using the women’s care facilities as a stand-in for every reproductive rights issue on the table, Congressman Chris Sterns has made it his mission to “investigate” Planned Parenthood.

Of course, the issue may be more personal, as the leader of Planned Parenthood is Democrat activist Cecile Richards, while the founder of Komen for the Cure is Nancy Brinker, who along with her former husband Norman Brinker were two of Ohio’s biggest GOP donors. And it’s an election year, which again, has the party lines divided along the health care debate harder than its ever been.

Another clue could be found back in October,when a dozen or so Catholic church dioceses openly voiced their discontent for Komen’s life-saving charity. One of the reasons they gave (besides the group not being theoretically opposed to stem cell research) was the money going to Planned Parenthood.

And wouldn’t you know it, the same day Komen announced its plan to stop giving grant money to the organization, Planned Parenthood put out a national ad condemning the Catholic church for picking on President Obama for his new mandate of contraceptives in his health care plan.

For extra credit, here is Ms. Brinker in 2009 at the Catholic Heath Care Assembly!

‎Late yesterday evening, Ms. Brinker released this video on the Komen Facebook page, reiterating that the decision to remove funding from Planned Parenthood had nothing to do with abortions, religion, or politics:

That’s almost as unbelievable as the fact that Komen for the Cure actually donated to Planned Parenthood for this long without caving in to pressure from conservative donors and finger-wagging church officials.

Was Komen’s Planned Parenthood Pullout Because of Catholic Guilt or ObamaCare Politics?