Washington State Senate Passes Gay Marriage Bill

Not actually gay, but surely happy for them

Gays in the rainy Northwest have reason to celebrate tonight: the Washington State Senate voted 28-21 in favor of a bill to legalize same-sex marriage there.

The poetically-named SB 6239, which was supported by major corporations with Washington interests such as Starbucks and Google, will now go to the House, where it also likely to pass. Washington Governor Chris Gregoire has indicated in several public statements that she will sign the bill once it lands on her desk.

The bill has been in the works for more than 10 years. Washington United for Marriage representative Zach Silk told Seattle media that its passing was “extremely exciting” and gays in Washington were now “on the cusp of history.”

Six states have granted gay marriage legal recognition and nine more grant same-sex unions roughly equal status with so-called “traditional” marriage.

Seattle TV station KING 5 reports that those against SB 6239 have stated they will pursue a ‘referendum battle’ should the bill become law.


Washington State Senate Passes Gay Marriage Bill