Which New York Techies Will Be Joining MC Hammer and Charlie O’Donnell at the SXSW Accelerator Judging Table?

hammer style Which New York Techies Will Be Joining MC Hammer and Charlie ODonnell at the SXSW Accelerator Judging Table?

Judging time!

This morning, Hustler VC Oren Bennett pointed Betabeat’s attention to a list of judges and emcees for the annual SXSW Accelerator, a competition sponsored by Microsoft BizSpark that culminates in awards for four lucky startups. Not as coveted a prize as the Breakout Award–which helped catapult Twitter, Foursquare, and then GroupMe to fame, financing, and an acquisition–perhaps, but a nice trophy all the same.

We already introduced you to the four Made In NYC companies that will be competing, but here’s a look at who’s deciding their fate.

Although not a judge, per se, MC Hammer is named as one of the contest’s emcees. If that comes as a surprise to anyone, they probably can’t remember as far back as TechCrunch20 in 2007, when Mr. Hammer was invited to join the actual judging panel at the techie smackdown. (That same year, TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington invested in DanceJam, the since-shuttered social network for dance enthusiasts, who wanted to “show off their moves online.”

New Yorkers making the Austin pilgrimage should also recognize a number of other names.

Union Square Venture’s Brad Burnham joins Mr. Hammer as one of the event’s emcees. Meanwhile, David Aronoff of Flybridge Capital Partners joins Charlie O’Donnell, repping his new firm Brooklyn Bridge Ventures, and David Rose of Gust, among others. Have fun, guys. We promise not to block you if you start live-tweeting. Well, we promise to at least try.