White Collar Actor Matt Bomer Comes Out of the Closet: Video

New York-based actor Matt Bomer, who plays the lead on USA’s popular heist show White Collar, has come out of the closet. Over the weekend, Mr. Bomer accepted an award for his work against AIDS, at which point he thanked his partner Simon Halls, whom the Huffington Post calls “a power publicist.” Surely Mr. Halls advised Mr. Bomer that the most charming way to come out of the closet bypasses the cover of People!

Though Mr. Bomer appeared in the recent Broadway revival of Larry Kramer’s AIDS drama The Normal Heart, he had never before commented on what had heretofore been rumors. “I have a network and a show riding on my shoulders,” said Mr. Bomer in 2010.


  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s kind of sad that all of the stories today focus on Mr. Bomer “coming out” and not on the humanitarian work that led to his award on Saturday. I’d be much more interested in that. And you might want to correct the story – Matt Bomer is signed to co-star in the film adaptation of “The Normal Heart.” He was not in the Broadway production.

  2. Doylebabe says:

    I agree, Rainey13.  His being gay is pretty much a non-story.

  3. When DOMA is repealed, ENDA passed and LGBT kids stop being bullied into suicide it will be a non-story.