Whitney Houston Seen “Disoriented” and Possibly Bleeding the Night Before Her Death

whitneyhoustongetty2 Whitney Houston Seen Disoriented and Possibly Bleeding the Night Before Her Death

Whitney Houston (Getty)

In a report published Friday, The Sun described a disheveled and “disoriented” Whitney Houston out on the town in Los Angeles. According to the News Corp. owned tabloid Ms. Houston was seen exiting a nightclub with her daughter Bobbi Kristina and “appeared to have blood dripping down her leg and a long scratch on her wrist.” Celebrity gossip site The Insider published a similar report, describing the superstar as “dazed” and exhibiting an “aggressive attitude” as she left the venue, where she’d attended an R&B Grammy party. The Insider also echoed the disturbing report Ms. Houston may have been bleeding at the time.

The Los Angeles Times reports Whitney Houston was found in the Beverly Hilton:

She was found in the Beverly Hilton Hotel, where emergency medical personnel were called sometime Saturday, said the sources, who asked to remain anonymous because the investigation is ongoing.

Whitney Houston was in Los Angeles for a tribute scheduled Saturday night in honor of music mogul Clive Davis.



  1. SJ says:

    How sad.  :(

  2. The fact that drug and alcohol abuse continues is sadder than sad.   

  3. Small says:

    RIP Whitney, let us pray that you will finally get the peace that you never had while alive.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I observed that (IMHO) she was intoxicated at the party and fell down at one point sustaining some minor injuries. Her daughter was upset and on her arm much of the time. WH was your basic irritated drunk to put it plainly, towards the end of the party. If she was struggling with her sobriety, she was definitely “slipping” that night.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Ray J needs to explain exactly what occurred when he found her body.

  6. Dawn Banks says:

    Take your finale bow Whitney ….. Your life time performances are going to be unforgettable GOD has bless you with a voice that flowed though are hearts and souls. And now your gone to SING for the LORD a perfect songbird so SING loud Whitney so we can still here you. Cause you will be missed here in flesh …….. R.I.P Whitney Houston 

  7. sammy787 says:

    So Sad she was so young . Hope you find out what illed her and possibly find a cure ) :

  8. Ks782 says:

    is anyone real suprised over these events???

  9. Michael Brzoznowski says:

    For someone who brought the world so much joy she suffered. Fame & money is too much to handle for most. The emotions & stress is too much for most human bodies to handle so they turn to other devices to control the adrenaline & the lows. Thank God she had a daughter to love & love her back. That seemed to be her only real joy. RIP & sing with God’s choir now Ms. Whitney. I love you.