Wodka Vodka Continues its Offensive Ad Campaign

wodka2 Wodka Vodka Continues its Offensive Ad Campaign

Wacky Wodka Vodka's latest ad (Copyranter)

Back in the mildly cold days of November, Wodka Vodka made a statement with their billboard. Unfortunately, it was a statement that many construed as antisemitic, stating “Christmas Quality, Hanukkah Pricing.” We dug a little deeper into the wormhole of Wodka’s wacky website, and found out that the spirit distiller has a whole host of other offensive stereotypes to promote their alcohol, including “Dehli Neil,” “Sumo Shu,” and an ad for Black Russians. (You can probably guess.)
Now Wodka, a subsidiary of Panache Beverages LLC, is at it again with this ad above the Brooklyn bridge and near Penn Station.

wodka2 Wodka Vodka Continues its Offensive Ad Campaign

We don’t know what’s worse for Wodka: the fact that they’re trying to sell vodka by comparing it to prostitution, or that they’re using the same copy from their last campaign, substituting Christmas for escorts and Hanukkah with hookers.



  1. Lyndell says:

    This ad is anti women, what is with the Mexican Sombraro and the Lamb. This is truly sick when you think that Mexico has one of the biggest problems with Sex trafficked slaves forced to be “hookers”. When will Men advertisers stop sending preverse messages that its ok to abuse women. sick!!! Thanks to Drew for writing about it but women of new york are pissed.