UPDATE: World Trade Center Crane Accident: Crane Cable Snaps, Worker Hurt

A construction worker was slightly injured at the World Trade Center construction site after a cable popped on a crane carrying a heavy load of steel beams, causing the steel to fall forty floors below and crush a flatbed truck, sources said.

34 07 tower4 rendering UPDATE: World Trade Center Crane Accident: Crane Cable Snaps, Worker Hurt

A rendering of 4 World Trade Center (terror crane not pictured)

The accident happened at 4 World Trade Center just before 10 a.m. this morning. The crane was lifting a load of steel off a flatbed truck when the cable snapped, sending the steel right back down to the truck, a source close to the matter told The Commercial Observer.

A man, believed to be one of the workers, was treated for minor injuries at the scene and was released.

One witness told DNAInfo that he thought it was another plane that hit the site:

“All of a sudden I heard a woosh, the cable snapped and the entire load came falling,” said Matt Bergen, an engineer working at the site. “I originally thought it was another plane, because it sounded just like a plane. I’m amazed it didn’t hit the building or anyone on the ground.”

Located at 150 Greenwich Street, the 72-story 4 World Trade Center tower will be the fourth-tallest skyscraper on the World Trade Center site.

Tishman Construction, one of the construction managers on the site, is expected to release a statement about the accident shortly.

UPDATE (12:17 P.M)

A Tishman spokesman released this statement:

“This morning around 10 am, the cable of a crane broke, causing the steel it was lifting to fall approximately 40 stories back onto the flatbed truck that had transported the steel into the World Trade Center site.  The incident occurred within an enclosed section of the site, which is not accessible to the public.  No one was injured as a result of the fall.  We are investigating the matter in full cooperation with the Port Authority, FDNY and NYC Department of Buildings.   The job is partially shut down pending the investigation.”





  1. Anonymous says:

    What’s up with that photo?  It’s topped with a state flag I don’t recognize, and it’s not even in Manhattan, there’s a sports stadium in the background!  And what kind of caption is “Terror crane”??

  2. R__butler ex longshoreman says:

    you do not lift girders with wire cables ,you use chains and reave them unless you can use shackles and lift one at a time.

    1. Ironworker40 says:

      stick to unloading boats. you know nothing. their not wire cables there chokers. which is what is  used unless u use nylon slings. chains are never used in steel erection. thats cable is the load line from the crane that broke

      1. Mike Dauman says:

        Ha ironworker 40 thank god  nobody got hurt .When was the last time the crane was look at? Local 24 hand here Denver

    2. Anonymous says:

      As a Safety Professional I have seen alot of steel erection.  Ironworkers do not use chains for rigging steel.

    3. ...BaMa... says:

      totally agree with ironworker40 stick to unloading boats chains are never used in steel erection stick ti you’re trade longshoreman

  3. 157man says:

    job open tomorrrow business as usual no danger to public only dirty construction workers

  4. Rbrtkennedy884 says:

    What an ass the guy thought it was another plane get over it enough already if he is an engineer then he should of known what it was. I work on on the site a union member and I would of known what it was wake up people stop being so scared

  5. Anthonymac78 says:

    there wire rope slings not chockers as you 40 guys call em. read the tag


    Really no one hurt? Where are all the safety people for the port? For the contractor?? Do we have any idea how many people might have been KILLED TODAY?????

    I forgot there is no money…..at last count there must be 50 safety people working for the Port…..Maybe they were all inside due to the cold/rain weather…..SAD!

  7. Retirednowback says:

    Tishman…….you suc!

  8. Btanked says:

    That is why we allow no one under a suspended load!