Yet Another Candidate Files Against Boyland Jr.

William Boyland (Photo: Facebook)

The field against Assemblyman William Boyland Jr., who’s currently facing his second set of federal corruption charges in less than a year, continues to grow and grow. The latest aspiring Assemblyman for the 55th Assembly District is Dion Turner, a public school teacher.

Mr. Turner joins community activists Tony Herbert and Anthony Jones, as well as Nathan Bradley, the Deputy Chief of Staff to Senator John Sampson, and the incumbent himself. Even more candidates could be waiting in the wings.

While Mr. Boyland’s significant legal troubles may be enticing candidates to enter the race, they could also sharply winnow the field should they worsen.

If a state legislator pleads guilty to any felony, he or she is automatically removed from office, allowing Governor Andrew Cuomo to declare a special election. In New York, special elections do not have primaries and party leaders handpick their nominees. As Mr. Boyland’s district is overwhelmingly Democratic, it could be difficult for other candidates to compete against the official Democratic nominee.

Yet Another Candidate Files Against Boyland Jr.