2012 Shanghai Biennale Curators Named

qz2 2012 Shanghai Biennale Curators Named

Qui Zhijie. (Courtesy Art Speak China)

The 2012 Shanghai Biennale will be organized by a trio of curators–Boris Groys, Jens Hoffmann and Qui Zhijie, who will have the title of chief curator, Artforum reports.

Mr. Qui has participated in the Venice and Sao Paulo biennales as an artist, Mr. Hoffmann co-curated the Istanbul Biennial last year, as well as the 2009 San Juan Triennial.

Mr. Groys is a professor of Russian and Slavic studies at New York University, who has been increasingly active in the contemporary art word–last year he contributed his writing to the catalogue for the New Museum’s “Ostalgia” show.