Adolfo Carrion, Obama’s Old Urban Czar, Picks Up His First Big Client, Nation’s Largest Hispanic Planning Firm

He's graduated to a new gig! (Lehman College)

“I think having visited so many cities around the country, folks need help to get themselves repositioned for this global economy for the growth that is occurring,” Adolfo Carrion told The Observer a few months ago. Mr. Carrion was preparing to leave HUD, where he had landed after helping put together the White House Office of Urban Affairs, which followed his stint as Bronx Borough President.

Mr. Carrion said that he would be striking out on his own, forming a consultancy called MetroFutures to further his own urban agenda, and today he took his first big step.

This morning, CSA Group, which bills itself as “the largest Hispanic-owned architectural, engineering, environmental services, consulting, and construction and program management company in the United States,” announced that Mr. Carrion would be joining the firm as a senior adviser for corporate development. According to Mr. Carrion, it is only a part-time gig, and he is still open for more work.

“This is a major client, definitely, but I’m not joining full-time,” Mr. Carrion said when reached by The Observer. “I don’t have a corporate title.” Mr. Carrion was in the middle of a meeting and excused himself, but we expect more details shortly. The two-age announcement from CSA Group has a thorough biography of Mr. Carrion, from his numerous awards and an Aspen Institute fellowship to a shout out to his wife in four kids, but there is no mention of his role or responsibilities at the firm except for a statement from chairman and CEO J.J. Suarez.

“We at CSA Group are very excited and honored that Adolfo has agreed to join our firm,”Mr. Suarez said. “Adolfo’s proven track record in empowering urban communities throughout the United States, coupled with his economic development experience, will be of vital importance as we continue to position CSA Group as a first-in-class, full service project delivery firm in the Infrastructure and Building markets.”

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