American Atheists Post Anti-Religious Billboards in Hasidic, Muslim Districts (Video)

American Atheists' latest signage (YouTube)

While on the topic of just really respectful advertising today, here’s American Atheists telling Hasidic Jews in Williamsburg and Muslims in Patterson, New Jersey, that they know their religion is a lie.

“You know it’s a myth,” reads the signs, which cost $30,000 each to post in heavily Muslim-and-Hasidic areas. (They read in Arabic and Hebrew respectively.) “And you have a choice.”

Tru.TV went around trying to gauge the reactions of the Williamsburg community, who pretty much refused to respond to the shock tactic.

This is part of a new campaign by the American Atheists, spearheaded by the group’s president, David Silverman. The myth billboard was originally turned down in Williamsburg but has somehow found a way back into the neighborhood.