Eagerly Awaiting the Francesca Woodman Retrospective at the Guggenheim? See Her Photographs First at Marian Goodman’s Booth at The Art Show


At The Art Show, the annual fair put on by the Art Dealers Association of America (ADAA), which opens next week at the Park Avenue Armory, Marian Goodman Gallery will be exhibiting the photographs of Francesca Woodman.

Woodman committed suicide in 1980 by jumping off a building in downtown Manhattan. She was only 22, but left behind a huge legacy of 800 photographs. Beginning March 16, the Guggenheim will host a retrospective of her work, the first major exhibition of Woodman’s photographs in about 20 years. (No doubt, this will be a fascinating foil to a decidedly different photography retrospective, MoMA’s Cindy Sherman show, which is open now; for more on Woodman, read this great article in the Telegraph.)

Here, we present to you a preview of the photographs on view at Ms. Goodman’s booth (all images courtesy Marian Goodman Gallery). Enjoy!

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