Turn in Your VIP Badge for a Work of Art at Winkleman’s Armory Show Booth

Jennifer Dalton at Winkleman Gallery booth. Courtesy Rozalia Jovanovic

“You can be part of the party,” said Ed Winkleman to Gallerist, pointing to a photo-op with a life-size cut-out of artist Jennifer Dalton in a pink dress placed by some cocktails before an image of a disco scene. “It’s a response to the sentiment by Anthony Haden-Guest that art fairs have become the new disco.”

Another piece in this disco tableaux in Winkleman’s booth at the Armory, the entirety of which has been taken over by Ms. Dalton, who is known for her institutional critique, is called VIP, in which you get a limited-edition blue shopping bag signed by the artist if you turn in your VIP card.

This is a play off an earlier piece that Ms. Dalton did, of which there is an updated version called The Collectorables for which she created tiny gold-colored action figures modeled on “the top 200 collectors from ARTnews.”

“They’re all holding bags to show you what kind of art they collect,” said Mr. Winkleman. “She made the life-size version, so if you exchange your VIP card for me, you walk around a a life-size ‘collectorable.'”

In a clear Plexiglass box on the front desk, there were three cards. We asked whose they were. “Ann Schaeffer has turned hers in, and Glenn Fuhrman. They’re big collectors, and big fans and followers of Jen’s work.”

While the edition is limited to 200 bags, this will be going on throughout Armory Week, so there’s no need to turn in your badge right away.

“A lot of people are saying Oh, I’m coming back, I want the bag. But I want to keep my VIP pass for a while.” Another reason to turn in your VIP badge?

“The box of cards at the end will be produced as another piece by Jen.”


Turn in Your VIP Badge for a Work of Art at Winkleman’s Armory Show Booth