Becker Tries To Tie Hayworth to Rush Limbaugh

In another sign that Rush Limbaugh is increasingly becoming an albatross around the necks of Republicans, Richard Becker, a cardiologist and Westchester County legislator running for Congress, held a rally in front of the office of the incumbent Republican Nan Hayworth calling on her to rebuke Rush Limbaugh.

“This is not a simple press conference,” Mr. Becker said in a statement. “This is a rallying cry! Comments like Rush Limbaugh’s are just the latest in the Republican War on Women. Back when Nan was running in 2010, she went around and told all of us in Putnam, Westchester, Rockland, Orange, and Dutchess that she was pro-choice because she knew that she couldn’t win in this district any other way. But a funny thing happened on Hayworth’s way to Washington. All of a sudden, it was ‘I’m pro-choice, unless…’ That’s just absolutely bogus: either you’re pro-choice, or you’re not.”

Mr. Limbaugh has been embroiled of days worth of controversy after he called Sandra Fluke, a Georgetown law student protesting the university’s stance against providing women contraceptive coverage as part of its health plan, a “slut.”  In the wake of the outcry, advertisers have been pulling their sponsorship of his show.

Mr. Becker also hit Ms. Hayworth for her support of HR 358, which would prohibit federal funds from being used to cover any part of the costs of any health plan that includes coverage for abortion services.

Calling it the “Let Women Die Act,” Mr. Becker said that “Hayworth’s vote would have let doctor’s deny women life saving reproductive care if the doctor personally didn’t want to provide it. I’m a doctor, too. We swore an oath to ‘first, do no harm,’ which is why I would never turn away a patient who was seriously ill, and why I get so incensed when I hear that Nan supported a bill which would have let doctors do just that. Rather than do the right thing on an issue of life and death, Hayworth pandered to the extreme right, and that’s absolutely disgraceful.”

Mr. Becker faces a crowded Democratic primary to take on Ms. Hayworth, and the recently released maps show him to be not even in her district. He has pledged to move to run against her.


Becker Tries To Tie Hayworth to Rush Limbaugh