Booting Up: Extradition Edition

Kim Dotcom in 1996 | Andreas Bohnenstengel (Wikipedia)

The United States has filed its application for Kim Dotcom’s extradition to face copyright infringement charges. [The New Zealand Herald]

Stuxnet, a computer worm used against an Iranian nuclear facility, can cause physical harm. [CBS]

Square is doing $4 billion in transactions a year and just introduced Register, “everything you need to start, run and grow your business all in one free iPad app.” [TechCrunch]

StatCounter, Android’s native browser, is now the most popular in the world [Engadget]

Head of Yahoo Labs jumps ship for Google. [AllThingsD]

President Obama’s new online privacy protection plan lacks a “do not track” clause and therefore lacks teeth. [Time]

The demise of Time Warner and Comcast’s TV Everywhere initiative. [Wall Street Journal]

Booting Up: Extradition Edition