Boyfriend to Jacques Lipchitz’s Widow Wins Statue Ownership Lawsuit

fury Boyfriend to Jacques Lipchitzs Widow Wins Statue Ownership LawsuitOwnership of a 1,100-pound bronze statue made by Jacques Lipchitz in the 1920s has just been decided in the New York Court of Appeals, Courthouse News reports.

Hanno Mott, the artist’s stepson, learned of the The Cry‘s contested ownership after attempting to sell it in 2004. Consequently, he sued Biond Fury, the man who had been living with Lipchitz’s widow Yulla for 17 years before her death in 2003 and who also claimed ownership of The Cry. Mr. Fury, pressed for proof to back up his claim, provided a photograph of the work bearing the following inscription:

“I gave this sculpture, ‘The Cry’ to my good friend, Biond Fury in appreciation for all he did for me during my long illness. With love and warm wishes for a Happy Future, Yulla Lipchitz/Oct. 2, 1997, New York.”

Mr. Fury sold the sculpture for $200,000 in 2005 and the Court of Appeals, in siding with him, has ensured that it will stay with its current owner.

At the risk of going out on a limb, journalistically:  here’s a bonus video of someone named Biond Fury hosting a cable access psychic show in the ’90s.