Cindy Sherman ‘Centerfold’ Could Set New Record at Christie’s

sherman untitled 96 Cindy Sherman Centerfold Could Set New Record at Christies

Cindy Sherman, 'Untitled #96.' (Courtesy Akron Art Museum)

The Akron Art Museum in Ohio will auction off a work from its collection, Cindy Sherman’s Untitled #96 (1981), part of the artist’s iconic centerfolds series from the 1980s, at Christie’s contemporary New York evening sale on May 8. Christie’s is already saying the work could set a new record for a work by Ms. Sherman sold at auction.
That previous record was set by a different print of the same photograph, which features Ms. Sherman sprawled on a bed and looking forlorn. It sold for $3.89 million last year, a figure that also set a record for any photograph sold at auction ever (Andreas Gursky’s Rhein II surpassed that at the end of 2011, selling for $4.3 million).

Akron Art Museum acquired Untitled #96 in 1981, the same year it was made. They are selling it, according to an article in Reuters, to boost their acquisition fund.


  1. […] Sherman is trying to make the male feel unconfortable and guilty when faced with vulnerablity, violece or danger instead of the expected desirable female figure to would be aroused by. In her piece Untitled #69 1981 Sherman poses as an innocent, yet provocative teenager. I believe that the aim behind this piece, is for the male to first be arroused by the position of the young female character, (lieing down in a seductive manner as she gazes away from the viewer) to feel immideate guilt for taking interest as she holds an advert looknig for love in her right hand. Although the advert enhances the male dominance within the image as the female feels the need for a man, it is also meant to cause discomfort. The viewer is meant to feel sympathetic for the girl and disguted in himself for not taking the female as an individual person into consideration. Image Untitled 96 sourced: Master Photography. […]