Democrats Bring Michael Grimm’s Scandals On Board The Staten Island Ferry

michael grimm getty Democrats Bring Michael Grimms Scandals On Board The Staten Island Ferry

Congressman Grimm (Photo: Getty)

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is going after embattled freshman, Republican Congressman Michael Grimm with a nasty ad campaign on the State Island ferry. Mr. Grimm, whose district includes Staten Island and a small portion of South Brooklyn, is currently facing a potential FBI investigation into his fundraising and a challenge for his seat from Democrat Mark Murphy. The DCCC’s fiery ferry campaign features headlines about the probe into Mr. Grimm’s finances along with the slogan “Your Congressman Michael Grimm” Looking Out For Himself, Not You” and the address of a website,, filled with incriminating information about Mr. Grimm’s business dealings and a 1999 nightclub altercation the congressman was involved in.

“Staten Island voters deserve to know that the FBI is looking into Congressman Grimm’s potentially illegal fundraising tactics,” Josh Schwerin, Northeast Press Secretary at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, said in a statement announcing the ferry campaign. “These ads are holding Congressman Grimm accountable for his on-going scandals, and highlight the fact that the more voters learn about Congressman Grimm’s checkered past, the less there is to like.”

As of this writing, we have not received a response to the ad from Mr. Grimm. View the DCCC’s Staten Island Ferry poster below.
image002 1 Democrats Bring Michael Grimms Scandals On Board The Staten Island Ferry