Gowalla is Officially Gone

Gowalla done gone... walla?

gowalladonegone Gowalla is Officially Gone

Kind of sad

Just two years after winning a SXSW Interactive award for Mobile apps, Gowalla has officially shut down. The location-based social networking start-up, once backed by investors including Kevin Rose and Jason Calacanis, was bought by Facebook in early December of last year but only put up a good-bye notice on its website today. The Next Web notes that the shut-down coincides with this week’s South by Southwest and that Gowalla was based in SXSW’s home city of Austin. Also, if you were a Gowalla user and concerned about the data you’d uploaded while using your account, you probably have nothing to worry about:

If you forgot to delete your account prior to the acquisition, fear not, the Facebook acquisition did not include all of the data the company has collected on your whereabouts over the years.