Grand Forks Herald Reports on Coastal Appeal of Marilyn Hagerty’s Olive Garden Review

Image via Grand Forks Herald

By now you’ve probably heard all about Grand Forks Herald columnist Marilyn Hagerty’s earnest review of the Grand Forks Olive Garden, an arrival so highly anticipated by North Dakotans that there was a line out the restaurant door all of February.

But the long-awaited bread sticks were nothing compared to Ms. Hagerty’s review, which went viral after being  picked up by Gawker, BoingBoing and Fark. This too was big news in for the Herald.

“The website postings were because residents of more metropolitan areas found it amusing that a chain restaurant would be reviewed,” The Grand Forks Herald explained in a follow-up article. “In larger markets, newspaper reviews are reserved for exclusive, high-end eateries that offer fine dining.”

Ms. Hagerty was not at all disturbed by the coastal snark, except for a bit of technological aggravation.

“I don’t have time to sit here and twit over whether some self-styled food expert likes, or does not like, my column,” she told The Village Voice. “The publisher likes it.”

“I haven’t checked lately because I’m in the middle of writing a Sunday column,” she went on. “And I hit the wrong key, and it flew away, and so I had to start all over again.”