Harvey Weinstein’s Bully Documentary to Be Released Unrated

Harvey Weinstein’s Bully, the subject of hue and cry and petition upon its R rating from the MPAA, is to eschew its rating and come out unrated on March 30. Per a Weinstein Company press release regarding the documentary’s release: “Furthering proof that the R rating for some language is inappropriate for a film that’s meant to educate and help parents, teachers, school officials and children with what’s become an epidemic in schools around the country, the fight against the rating continues on.”

Mr. Weinstein had previously threatened to leave the MPAA, a group of which the Weinstein Company is not a member, over the rating; he also mobilized Weinstein Company movie stars like Meryl Streep for special screenings and benefited (at least in terms of publicity) from an online petition circulated by a Michigan teen. Bully enters the marketplace with far more publicity than your average documentary–even if it bears no rating.