HBO Bulks Up HBO GO App for Game of Thrones Launch

HBO’s huge hit Game of Thrones is returning for a second season April 1, and while it’s set in the Dark Ages, HBO’s developed a high-tech means for its fans to connect with supplemental materials as the show airs. The iPad app HBO GO is to feature interactive content in the vein of the old “Pop-Up Video” series, with alerts appearing below the show, including interviews with cast and creators, quick back-story catch-ups, and recapitulations of notable quotes. It’s a way to try out all the bells and whistles of iPad capability–an exciting development for a network that could be said to have undergone a bit of an identity crisis.

HBO GO remains open only to HBO subscribers–a la carte online-only HBO subscriptions are not presently available. But renewed attention to the platform may help draw in younger subscribers with discretionary income enough to buy iPads. If it works and if fans respond, this could be the most concrete demonstration yet of what the iPad can do for television-watching.