If Accessible Taxi Fight Will Cost City $1 B., Why Not Make All Cabs Wheelchair Friendly?

That is the argument being put forth by a new accessibility group, AXS, which is also working on a map app that will help disable New Yorkers find places—restaurants, bars, shops and the like—suited to their needs. The group has just produced this video putting the struggles of its founder into context with its dream of fleet of accessible cabs (among other things) while also suggesting that the mayor does not particularly care for the needs of the disabled.

The big question remaining is whether the Taxis for All suit last December might beat an administration appeal and either require a plan for all taxis to be accessible or delay the issuance of outer borough taxi medallions, which the administration is counting on for $1 billion in funds toward next year’s budget. At the end of February, the administration moved to have the case dismissed, citing judicial overreach, and the city remains confident that it will prevail in time to release its new medallions.

The big issue of a fully accessible fleet remains cost. Despite willingness on the part of Nissan to convert its cabs to comply with the needs of the disable, the administration has dismissed any such plans.

mchaban [at] observer.com | @MC_NYC