In the Name of Science, the Columnist Gets Scared at MoMA

Who’s afraid of the big, bad sublime?

Now, in the un-supernatural safety of my home, I see that things simply got a little too sublime in there. Pollock isn’t haunting me, or MoMA. But that’s not to say that nobody is: Trying to verify my hypothesis that the museum is ghost-ridden, I came across a 2004 blurb in New York magazine that attests, “there is a ghost in the Museum of Modern Art … inherited from the Dorset Hotel, which was knocked down to make way for the museum’s expanded building.”

If being petrified does make us appreciate abstract art more, perhaps every modern art museum should invest in a “woman in white” or two. Still, let’s just say I was more than a little relieved when a MoMA publicist assured me, “There is no paranormal activity in the MoMA building.”