Is Hong Kong the New Berlin?

White Cube Hong Kong. (Courtesy Flux Magazine)

Not really!

Though this BBC article does make a case for Hong Kong being a good place for an artist to live and work (Graham Steele of White Cube’s newly opened Hong Kong space said, “The energy of the city is very seductive for dealers and artists…It’s a scene that’s about to blossom and in a really great way.”), this still ain’t no town for starving artists:

Hong Kong’s artist community, however, is small and high costs mean that artists struggle to find studio space and often have day jobs as architects and designers.

And despite changing perceptions about Hong Kong as a place to produce and exhibit art, the scene is still commercially driven – primarily by China’s newly minted millionaires and billionaires.

They have demonstrated a healthy appetite for the art and antiques of their own country but their demand for the conceptual Western contemporary art sold by the likes of White Cube is less proven, and could dry up if China’s economy slows.

Is Hong Kong the New Berlin?