Jellyfish Tanks, Funded 54 Times Over on Kickstarter, Turn Out to Be Jellyfish Death Traps

There are two problems with the Desktop Jellyfish Tank, a Kickstarter project based in San Francisco that raised $162,917 on a $3,000 goal.

The first problem is that some people still haven’t gotten their tanks. Wrote one backer, in a kind of free-form customer service poetry: “Where do I find out where my order is everone seems to have their tank now apart from me get highly fed up I either want to know exactly how long it will be or want a refund seems stupid I was one of the first to back but last to get it can some please help me it seems madness to I paid months ago and not even a email since.”

Second problem: Some backers who have received tanks have found that, while aesthetically attractive, the tanks may not be the safest place for a jellyfish.  ”I lost one jellyfish already do to him hitting the rocks and then eventually getting stuck over and over,” backer Christopher Mendes wrote. “The past 2 mornings I’v woken up to find the other jellyfish to start doing the same thing. This morning he looked shrunken and crippled after getting out of the rocks.”

The newly-arrived jellies of Lana Vaughn didn’t fare much better: “Two Jellies in distress. One got stuck to the rocks. He got loose but has a big tear. Not sure how the other one got his tear. Third one is fine so far.”

But backer Sean Byington’s comment is the most tragic, and the most damning: “Came home to find that my replacement jellyfish had died a mere 3 days after recieving them, that’s a total of 6 dead now. I’m really disappointed in this product. Despite following all the instructions included with the tank as well as on, the tank seems incapable of sustaining life for more than 72 hours.” Read More