Lancman’s Campaign Follows His Shifting District

Rory Lancman (Photo: PhotoBucket)

As the Legislature and the courts compete to finish the final touches on their separate congressional redistricting plans, Democratic Assemblyman Rory Lancman is hustling to keep all of his bases open as he campaigns for Congress himself in what is very much an uncertain district.

When Albany seemed poised to leave GOP Congressman Turner’s district be, Mr. Lancman was campaigning next to Mr. Turner in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, while aggressively peppering Mr. Turner’s with press releases criticizing his votes and positions.

Now, with the courts and Albany both appearing likely to divide Mr. Turner’s seat up between its neighbors, creating a new Asian or Latino-plurality Queens district — with a strong ethnic white and Jewish presence still — Mr. Lancman is doing event after event to lock down these diverse constituencies instead, possibly preparing for a competitive Democratic primary against sitting Congressman Gary Ackerman.

Yesterday, as soon as Mr. Lancman returned from Albany, he could be found at an immigrant rights event in Jackson Heights, Queens with Assemblyman Francisco Moya. Subsequently he bounced around between a Flushing civic association and a more conservative Middle Village one infamous for skewering politicians, all in Queens.

Last Friday, Mr. Lancman made the front page of the Korea Daily while further advocating for immigrant rights with the Minkwon Center in Flushing as well.

And, keeping up with the diverse schedule, Mr. Lancman is hosting a screening of Forgotten Refugees this weekend, a film about Jews expelled from Middle East and North Africa after the Second World War, which may help the candidate gain further traction in foreign policy-minded Jewish constituencies in the district.

“In any scenario, Rory’s anti-Iran street cred is going to be extremely important, and his wife’s personal story of fleeing the Islamic Revolution trumps any speech, resolution or photo op that anyone else running in this area might offer in a campaign,” a source familiar with the campaign’s activities told The Politicker when asked about this weekend’s scheduling.