Lena Dunham Made Another Art-Related Web Series

stud Lena Dunham Made Another Art Related Web SeriesLena Dunham, of Tiny Furniture, Girls and the arty web series Delusional Downtown Divas apparently made another web show for Nerve.com back in 2007, which that site has now decided to re-upload in the lead up to Girls.

The show seems to be about horny art students jumping into bed with each other, though it is on YouTube, before you trip over yourself clicking on it. From Nerve:

When Tight Shots originally ran, Virginia Heffernan reviewed it for The New York Times, writing “Everyone in Tight Shots is annoying, hilarious, familiar and also totally touching, if you’ve ever had a soft spot for Oberlin/Bennington/Vassar/Brown people… [A]ll I really can say is: JUST WATCH.”

First episode available below!