Let the Games Begin! Lenny Kravitz Says ‘Hunger Games’ is ‘Like the Beatles’

Mr Kravitz. (Getty Images)

The Observer recently nabbed a few minutes with one of the stars of The Hunger Games–no, not Jennifer Lawrence! Lenny Kravitz, who plays Ms. Lawrence’s stylist, told The Observer that he’d been cast on the basis of a similarly nurturing role in the 2009 film Precious. “People are seeing: he’s serious about acting!,” he told us. He wants to play “hardcore badass” characters next.

Was Mr. Kravitz a Hunger Games fan prior to his involvement in the franchise? “Not personally. But people are hardcore. They’re not playing!”

What did he first notice when watching the film back? “The references, the sets, the lighting, the film-stock look. The main thing I notice is ‘This film is good.'”

“People are expecting a blockbuster,” he told us. “It’s like the Beatles.” If the Beatles comparing themselves to Jesus was a bridge too far, this seemed apropos. His publicist-mandated time was up.

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