Marissa Mayer’s Brother Mason Charged with Three Felonies, Including Domestic Abuse and Assault

picture 63 Marissa Mayers Brother Mason Charged with Three Felonies, Including Domestic Abuse and Assault

Mr. Mayer's mugshot (SFPD)

Looks like not everyone in the Mayer family is as put together as longtime Google executive Marissa. Ms. Mayer’s brother, Mason Mayer, has been charged with three felony charges in San Francisco, including domestic violence, assault, and false imprisonment, according to the San Francisco Appeal.

Court documents state that 33-year-old Mr. Mayer and his then-girlfriend Kelli Ann Trent got into a physical altercation in Mr. Mayer’s apartment in the San Francisco Four Seasons in September. The SF Appeal writes:

The couple returned to Mayer’s apartment at the Four Seasons. Once in his bedroom, Mayer locked the door, allegedly threw Trent down, spit in her face, “pull[ed] her hair out and pull[ed] off her eyelashes” before pulling her by her hair and slamming her head into the marble floor of the bedroom, Becker wrote.

With Trent on the floor “in the fetal position,” Mayer allegedly punched her eight times and told her “the only way she was going to get out of this was if he drove her to the Golden Gate Bridge and she jumped off,” according to the affidavit.

The attack finally stopped when a friend called and joined the couple in Mr. Mayer’s apartment to “make sure nothing else would happen.”

The photos obtained by the SF Appeal of Ms. Trent’s injuries are not for the faint of heart: in one, Ms. Trent’s eye is clearly swollen and bloodshot, with burst blood vessels visible.

Ms. Trent told cops following the attack that she was afraid of the Mayer family. Ms. Mayer also has an apartment in the Four Seasons, the same building in which the alleged attack occurred.