Maybach From ‘Otis’ Music Video Didn’t Fare so Well at Phillips de Pury Evening Sale

maybach Maybach From Otis Music Video Didnt Fare so Well at Phillips de Pury Evening Sale

Still from "Otis" music video.

The Phillips de Pury contemprary evening auction brought in a total of $4,324,900 last night. Tauba Auerbach set an artist record for Binary lowercase, from 2006, which sold for $86,500. Cindy Sherman’s Untitled #426 was the top lot of the night, selling for $446,500. That busted Maybach from the Jay-Z and Kanye West Otis video that kicked off the sale, however, didn’t do so hot.

It had an estimated price of $100,000 to $150,000  and sold far below that, for just $60,000. Let’s keep in mind the usual price range of these things: a regular old Maybach 57, the model used in the video, retails for about $375,000. The particular Maybach in the video has no doors and is missing a bit of the roof, but it still seems like somebody got away with a steal on this one. The ultimate takeaway here is: congratulations, Ms. Auerbach! Your art is officially worth more than the finest in German luxury sedans.