Michael Shvo’s House Sitter Gets Up to Three Years in Prison for Stealing His Money

Who would ever steal from this guy? (NY Social Diary)

Did power broker Michael Shvo forget to check the references on his $6.5 million dollar apartment-sitting application?

It appears so!

The Real Deal reports that Shvo’s house-sitter, Sandra Miranda, has been sentenced for 18-36 months to a state prison for stealing $44,000 and 7,500 British pounds (about $12,000) from Shvo’s apartment.

But the kick is that it wasn’t her first time stealing from successful Manhattanites. In 2001, Miranda was charged with stealing a credit card from an employee that died in the World Trade Center attack:

In 2001, the police charged her with stealing a credit card belonging to friend Laura Gilly, an employee of commercial brokerage Cantor Fitzgerald, who died in the World Trade Center attacks. While checking on Gilly’s cat following the attacks, Miranda allegedly snatched the card and later ran up charges of $5,000 thanks to a three-day spending spree at the Staten Island Mall.

What may be the saddest thing for Mr. Shvo, though, is this is about the only thing going on for the once-renowned deal marker. Oh, how the mighty have been robbed.

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