Mike Daisey Will Deconstruct His Agony and Ecstasy: ‘I Will Be Making a Full Accounting of This Work’

On his personal blog yesterday, Mike “The Boy Who Cried Foxconn” Daisey responded to Ira Glass’s public shaming and retraction of excerpts of his monologue that aired on “This American Life.”

“I thought the dead air was a nice touch, and finishing the episode with audio pulled out of context from my performance was masterful,” wrote Mr. Daisey, who seemed to object to being lumped into the same category as James Frey and Stephen Glass.

“Given the tenor of the condemnation, you would think I had concocted an elaborate, fanciful universe filled with furnaces in which babies are burned to make iPhone components, or that I never went to China, never stood outside the gates of Foxconn, never pretended to be a businessman to get inside of factories, never spoke to any workers,” Mr. Daisey wrote with pride. Read More