Morning Links: If Only Journalism Paid Like Opposition Research

New York Times and Politico report that a rival campaign leaked them the plans for Mitt Romney’s summer home. [Huffington Post]

Rupert Murdoch is preparing to “hit back hard” against enemies libeling him, according to Twitter. [Guardian]

WWD is in “collective denial” over Etta Froio’s retirement. [WWD]

$1 m. book deal for “Why I’m Leaving Goldman Sachs” op-ed writer? Maybe? [NYPost]

Former Rocky Mountain News editor John Temple offered managing editor spot at Washington Post. [Politico]

Journalists, technicians, and graphic designers who work at Wisconsin newspapers are being chastised for signing “Recall Walker” petitions. [Romenesko]

Artists hold fundraiser sale to pay for Believer contributor Derek McCormack’s appendix cancer surgery. [Art for Derek]

New Republic is dropping paywall for recent articles. Such a Chris Hughes move. [The Atlantic Wire]

Katie Couric is subbing for a week on Good Morning America, which isn’t even that far behind Today in ratings. Exciting. [NY Times]